Are Mechanical Clocks still about Telling Time? (#015)

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Clocks for Home Decor 3The Globe and Mail, of Toronto Canada, reported that clocks are hitting the big time in home decor.

This is an encouraging report to understand and seriously consider in promoting clocks outside of the “horological” circles.  Indeed, there are better ways of tracking time in our digital age.  Mechanical clocks, ironically, are less and less “timepieces” and more decorations, art, symbols and heirlooms.

For clock enthusiasts and horologists, this has to be a key in capturing the interest and attention of both young and old on clocks.  There is much that can be promoted about the amazing and exciting ventures in clocks – one has to be: clocks for home decor.

But with the proliferation of ways to track and follow time today – from quartz oscillators and atomic clocks to smartphones, computers and GPS timing – the purpose of the wall clock is changing. It is becoming, as time goes on, a statement of pure design, something you might look at not to find out what hour it is but for pleasure, for the philosophical contemplation it invites.

With this pendulum swing from device that tells the time to playful objet/installation designed to comment on the nature and passage of it, the wall clock is, ironically, returning to one of its earliest traditions.”

Read the article here: Clocks are hitting the big time in home decor, by Sarah Hampson, The Globe and Mail, November 2, 2013

How do you decorate with clocks? provides some advise on this:

  • As a Focal Point
  • As Reminders
  • As Bookends
  • As Learning Tools
  • As Custom Art

Does your clock shop and or venture have any experience to share about this; promoting clocks as home decor?

Do you agree or disagree?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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