Early Lantern Clocks: English Treasures (#016)

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20131130 - Lantern Clocklantern clock is a type of antique weight-driven wall clock, shaped like a lantern. They were the first type of clock widely used in private homes. They probably originated before 1500 but only became common after 1600; in Britain around 1620. They became obsolete in the 19th century. Wikipedia, on Lantern Clocks

Celebrating this highly innovative period in English clock-making history, Bill Bruce, one of the country’s foremost antique clock experts, put together a fascinating exhibition in 2013 at his Lewes showroom which offered a rare opportunity to see some of the finest surviving examples of these elegant, early English clocks., November 28, 2013: Make time to see historic clocks exhibition in Lewes, 28 November 2013.

Since you missed that opportunity in 2013, Bruce published this wonderful and informative video on the exhibit. Take a moment to watch it. It provides a fascinating introduction to lantern clocks — for all who have never experienced them.

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For more information on the Exhibition and W.F Bruce, visit his webpage at:


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