400 Day Anniversary Clock (#030)

030 - C098 German Kern Anniversary Clock 02bAlso known as “Torsion Pendulum Clocks,” American Aaron Crane invented and patented the first 400 Day Anniversary Clock in 1841. In 1879 German Anton Harder also created and patented one. Known as Anniversary Clocks or 400-Day Clocks because they can run for an entire year on a single winding. Winding occurred on a birthday or the anniversary of an event.


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030 - Schatz 400 Day Clock InstructionsRepair the 400 day Anniversary Style Clock (
Schatz and Kundo Instruction Manuals (


Anniversary Clocks, by Peter Wotton (2009)030 - Book - Anniversary Clocks by Peter Wotton

400-Day Clock Repair Guide, by Charles Terwilliger (1991)030 - Book - 400 Day Clock by Charles Terwilliger

Anniversary Clock Adjusting, by Marvin Passmore (2002)030 - Book - Anniversary Clock Adjustment

Clock Repair Made Simple: Covers Anniversary Clocks, By Tom Seaman (2014)030 - Book - Clock Repair Illustrated by Tom Seaman

Repair and Restore Your 400-Day Clock, by Joseph Babushka (2010)030 - Book - Repair and Restore your 400 Day Clock by Joseph Kabushka


Setting up a 400 Day Clock
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Beat Setting on 400 Day Anniversary Clocks
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How to Replace a 400 Day Clock Suspension Spring
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How to Set Up an Anniversary Clock
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