7 Decor Items You Can Find At Grandma’s House… (#032)

7 Decor Items You Can Find At Grandma’s House…

…and where to find them online if you can’t.

By Bob Ellis,


1. The Cuckoo Clock

032-1-The Cuckoo Clock

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Cuckoo clocks were all the rage in the 60s and 70s. They offered just the right amount of flair and a burst of sonorous cheer each hour, on the hour, when the little bird shot out and cuckooed. Historically, these clocks come from Germany, so if you have any German blood in your family, there’s probably a cuckoo clock somewhere to be found.


2. The Rotary Wall Phone

032-2-The Rotary Wall Phone







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If you spend your days FaceTiming and attempting to distance your cell’s electromagnetic waves from your precious brain, then a rotary phone (with cords and all!) must seem a breath of fresh air. These phones come in a array of colors and have such a nostalgic aesthetic that your home will feel at once more simplified. You can hear that crystal clear voice on the other line already, yeah?


3. Mid Century Furniture

032-3-Mid Century Furniture







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It’s quite possible someone in your family possesses original mid century pieces, but if sneaking out the door with Grandma’s nightstand on your hip is too conspicuous, you at least have lots of online shopping options to choose from.


4. Figurines


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OK, 105 porcelain cherubs might be too much, but you can’t deny a figurine or two adds a certain kitschy loveliness to your home’s surfaces.


5. Old Photographs

032-5-Old Photographs









There’s a box somewhere in your family of your grandparents in their heydays. These are the photos that bring warmth to your shelves and walls. Not to mention the lovely artifacts in the background—the old Camero, the wood burning stove!


6. Framed Needlepoint

032-6-Framed Needlepoint

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Handmade touches like cross stitching are what makes a house a home. Plus, it’s a great way to add texture and color to your walls.


7. Handmade Quilts

032-7-Handmade Quilts

Etsy / Via

Wrap up in a piece of family history. Quilts have long been collected and preserved, so you might just find one from generations ago in Grandma’s closet.


About the Author

Bob Ellis is an e-commerce entrepreneur and owner of Bavarian Clockworks, an online store that sells authentic Black Forest cuckoo clocks.

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