Art of horology goes beyond timekeeping

June 14, 2013. As reported by The Guardian (of Nigeria), Adebusola Akinnubi’s Clockamania is doing a fantastic job to  promote and advance the creativity in Horology.

It’s superbly encouraging to hear about enthusiasm, movement and promotion of clocks from the perspective of art.  This encouragement is magnified seeing this enthusiasm emerging in the African continent.

This is vital for every clock enthusiast to grasp…taking interest and care for: the art, the science, the history, and the mystery of timepieces.

“Indeed, in this age of mobile phones and IT when clocks are imbedded in soft wares, what is the relevance of clocks in the traditional form? “At home, office or hotel, clock remains relevant beyond telling the time; they also add beauty and style as they are also art pieces”, Akinnubi argued.”  Excerpt from “Art of horoglogy goes beyond timekeeing,” the Gaurdian, June 14, 2013

Read the fully story:

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