Hunting for a Clockmaker’s Apprentice

ClockmakersGood news stories are fantastic. This one should provide great motivation for clockmakers and clock shops.

The News Tribune of Tacoma Washington ran this initial story on Shayne Buchanan, a local clockmaker, explaining the tough time he’s had finding an apprentice as he readies to eventually retire.  A week later, they filed a new story with a great update on the hunt for a clockmaker’s apprentice.

Initial Story: Larry LaRue: Time growing short for Tacoma clockmaker, The News Tribune, Tacoma, 14 February, 2014

Buchanan stubs out another cigarette, clearly frustrated. He would like to pass on what he’s learned, but hasn’t found anyone willing to listen. Time moves on, and it’s impossible not to feel it in the Buchanan home.

Follow-up Story: Clockmaker now has an apprenticeThe News Tribune, Tacoma, 19 February, 2014

“Found one,” he said. “His name is William, he’s 16 and going through high school online. He’s open-minded, has a pleasant attitude and anticipates what I’m talking about. He’s got ambition – in a good way.”After spending more than a thousand dollars advertising for an apprentice and getting no response, Buchanan, 67, was overwhelmed with interest.

Indeed a great story I’m happy to read about!  I wish the new apprentice at AAA Clocks of Tacoma great success and a long future in the superb craft and art of horology.
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