Thumbnail - Profile - Zandaam Clock

Profile in Clocks: The Dutch Zaadam Wall Clock

Thumbnail 2 “Ten Great Ways to Get the Best Deals on Collectibles and Antiques, and Enjoy the Experience!”

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This is a quick reference to toggle a perspective that will help you enjoy the experience of collecting, in addition to getting the best deals.

There are other strategies that are more direct and apply a more “business” perspective. ¬†Those are also effective, but they tend to steal the joy and care from collectors by trumping the enjoyment for a competitive business satisfaction (you vs the seller).

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How a Clock Works – A Weight Driven Clock

Special thanks and credit go to Steve Nelson, of SNClocks, Mike Bowers, of Bowers Watch and Clock Repair, and Darryn Clark, of Timemenders, for their contributions and professional advise. 

Thumbnail 2 Anatomy of a Clock Spring

Anatomy of a Spring Driven Clock

Anatomy of a Clock Weight Driven Thumbnail

Anatomy of a Weight Driven Clock

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