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Extreme RestorationExtreme Restoration: A comprehensive guide to the restoration and preservation of antique clocks, by T.E. Temple:

This book is a powerhouse of information. If your new to the clockventure or your an experienced clockmaker, you’ll be putting this book on the front self for quick reference – after you’ve read it cover to cover.  Temple takes you from planning a project, case restoration, refinishing, labels, glass, dials, movements, assembly and documentation.  Unlike most clock repair books, this one is comprehensive and easy to use.  You can get in normal book format.  Temple also offers it in PDF format for the more tech savvy.

Practical Clock Repairing by Donald de Carle:Practical Clock Repair

This an essential reference that every clock enthusiast should have in their library. De Carle presents a simple and very practical reference for clock repair.  I’ve bought and used a multitude of reference books.  Practical Clock Repairing is one of my favorites.

De Carle’s Watch & Clock Encyclopediaby Donald de Carle:De Carle's Watch & Clock Encyclopedia

Another essential reference.  This a fabulous book that provides you a ready look-up of terms and descriptions for types of clocks and parts. It also has a very useful appendix with a variety of tables such as Metals used in Horology and Chimes used in clocks.

Clock Repairing as a Hobby: An Illustrated How-To Guide for the Beginner by Harold C.Kelly:Clock Repairing as a Hobby

This is a great introduction for those new to the world of the clockventure.  In a very simple and understandable style, Kelly provides a spot-on introduction to clock theory and practical clock repair.  This was one of the first books I read several years ago. I still find myself going back to it to review some of its content, mainly because it’s easy to understand!

Book - The Modern ClockThe Modern Clock: A Study of Time Keeping Mechanism, Its Construction, Regulation, and Repair by Ward Goodrich

You can download the Public Domain PDF file for this book above in the Free book section. But some books are worth having in print on your bookshelf. This is one of those books.  This one is a must have.

Making and Repairing Wooden Clock CasesMaking and Repairing Wooden Clock Cases by V.J. Taylor and H.A. Babe

Learning to care for a clock case is part of the “clockmaker” experience. This is a great primer to help you explore and learn more about how to best approach care and repair of wooden clock cases.

Furniture Repair & Refinishing (Ultimate Guide To… (Creative Homeowner)), by Brian HingleyFurniture Repair & Refinishing

As a clock collector or preserver you need to learn about wood and woodworking.  It’s not just about the movement.  Learn about identifying and preserving wood cases of all types. This book by Brian Hingley provides a comprehensive introduction to wood working. I found his explanation of the types of woods, finishes and techniques for repairing and restoring antique wooden furniture, which can easily be applied to antique clocks, extremely helpful.

Clock Supplies

A great place to find most parts, tools and supplies for all your clock adventures.  They have a great selection and affordable prices.  As a minimum, buy their store catalog.  You’ll find it extremely helpful to identify your clock needs and all the neat toys available for your clock work.

They’ve been around since 1938! And are still a great site to find most things you’ll ever need.  As with TimeSavers, get their catalog.  They have a great full color version which is extremely helpful as well.

A great place to find Clockmaker Tools.


John Tope does a fabulous job creating this course for beginning to advanced clock repair.  He offers sessions on Basic, Advanced and Professional clock repair.  He even has a great video on clock case restoration and wooden works.  This is a must have, especially for those of you who do not have easy access to local training and seminars.

Bob Tascione also does a great job to introduce beginners and take the more experienced to the next level in clock repair.  Bob takes the time to educate you on basic theories, such as with pendulums, that are extremely important in working with clocks.  You can’t beat the price he offers for his course.  It’s worth much more than what he is charging.

Other Resources

When dealing with sounds, like the hourly strike or melody, a sound machine is useful to help weave-in those sounds into your living environments.  Especially for young children or babies.  Read Blog Post #2 on Sleeping with Noisy Clocks.

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