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Clock Collecting: 8 Essentials You Need to Know About Clock Collecting or Repairing Antique Clocks (#006)

Clock collecting and owning antique mechanical clocks is a fantastic interest worth your time and money, but there’s a few essential things you need to know.  Considering, learning and applying these suggestions should help skyrocket your horology experience. When I first began buying clocks it was all about accumulating rather than about thoughtful collecting. I felt […]

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Hugo Cabret on Life with Clocks (#003)

Subscribe to our Free email newsletter. Keep up with new material. Buying or selling a clock? Start here: See our Price Guide. There’s a great line in Martin Scorcese’s movie “Hugo,” Hugo is filled with scenes, dialogues and backdrops that should inspire any clock lover! It’s a wonderful movie and is storytelling at its best. Based on […]

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Sleeping with Noisy Clocks (#002)

Have you ever dealt with this? It’s bedtime and just as you’re sliding into a blissful sleep…gong, gong, gong, gong, gong, gong… Needless to say, the bliss turns into irritation. As a clock owner – or if you’re considering becoming one – you should know that the auditory experience is part-and-parcel to the heritage, elegance […]

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