The Anatomy of a Clock (#007)

Anatomy of a Clock Weight Driven ThumbnailA picture says a thousand words.  And, a picture with a description says a thousand more!

Indeed, I like pictures, but I love pictures that explain what I’m looking at.  It’s a powerful way to hone your eye and your understanding of almost anything.

You can boost your confidence and creep your knowledge base to the next level just by scanning pictures and reading their narrative; in books, magazines and web articles

Unfortunately, although the world is scattered with pictures – of clocks – they’re seldom tagged with a label or description.  Books and magazines tend to do a good job when using captions, but most of the web and social media outlets fail here.  Guessing, although part of trial and error, is not the best way to learn.

In the intent is not to leave you guessing about a picture, term or description.  Relevant topics, pictures and terms should have something that will point you (to a hyperlink to an external page) or provide you a narrative within this site.

Towards this, a new “Reference” page was created to give you a quick way to glance at pictures and narratives to speed up your learning or to simply serve as a refresher.

I’m sure you can find good uses for them: for your own reference, when selling a clock, or as aides to teach others.

The first two references on the shelf are what I call the “Anatomy of a Clock.” 

These two printable PDF files provide you a quick generalized identification of the major components normally found on Spring and Weight driven clocks.  They are only generalizations and not meant to be specific to the clock example being used.

As a clock enthusiast, being aware of these basic parts should equip you in dealing with sellers, clock repair shops, buyers and other enthusiasts.

Later, we’ll publish more specific one page “profiles” on different types of clocks.  These future “fact sheets” should help you save time from doing your own surface level research.

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